1 thought on “Help for your homework

  1. Hi!
    My name is Dyanne, i’m a sociology student in the National University of Colombia, aaaaanddd I need help with my homework! (Advertise: Sorry for my english D:!!!) , i’m designing my thesis of grade and I’m trying to articulate learning development and design of videogames with the experience of play, and the identity of being a woman in the videogame comunity or industry. This experience is ubicated in the actual tecnological context, when you can find very easy programs or games who give the oportunity to learn and create (project spark 4 example, or RPG maker, or any game with custom maps) and the groups in facebook who give you an oportunity to share your knowlede and answers, i’m interesting in this, inspiried by the book of Anna Anthrophy, Rise of the videogame zinesters.

    I hope you could understand my bad english and recomend me literature.

    Thanks :D

    Do you have any recomendation

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