This is a review blog on the latest social science research on videogames where I read, review and give out my opinions based on my knowledge and experiences of playing videogames. I am a postdoc at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster.

Basically, this blog is between a news website and a peer-review of an academic study. One of the reason is an attempt to bridge the gap between gamers and researchers in the social sciences. Another pertinent reason is that I’m simply tired of reading short and somewhat inaccurate news report and press releases on research and makes me want to report it as comprehensive as it should be. This blog explains how to separate hype from science.

Please read the original journal article if you have access to it. There are probably some details that I may have missed. And I don’t want my blog to be used for a university student’s paper. Journalists, I’d scold you if you can access the journal article.

Other than academic articles, I also post videogames research that appeared in the news or anything that’s interesting in my inbox.

To educators, if you are going to use my blog, please inform me of your identity, educational institution and purpose of using my blog. Just out of curiosity.

If you are a student who needs help in writing a class paper on violent videogames, I have this page here.

Also see: Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science post on journalism without primary sources.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Very valuable site. I appreciate your point about bridging the gap between gamers and VG researchers in psychology. My students have started blogging on video games as an ideal way to learn a foreign language.


    We’re just starting to get our hands wrapped around the VG psychology literature, and it looks like your blog will be helpful. I’ve urged them to come here and start reading!

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