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  1. Hey, I stumbled onto your website and have realised it’s just what I’m looking for when I write up my dissertation I’ve just finished testing for. I’m a final year psychology bsc student and my project is on the role of anonymity in the research on aggression and empathy in video game play. please let me know if you’re doing something similar and to share knowledge. cheers

  2. hey
    so i’m not sure how you found me or if my class is what you’re talking about in your latest post but I did really appreciate your input. that was very helpful. hopefully you’ll continue although I’m not sure how many of my posts will revolve around video games and that seems to be an interest of yours. thanks again

  3. Thanks for the concern and “witty” critique, but at risk of being rude, I really don’t give an infected rat’s ass about this blog. The only reason I write this blog is out of the necessity to pass this class, so its content is all but irrelevant. I understand you have expertise on the subject and you were giving me helpful critique, but the sad fact is I don’t give a shit. Blogging is not even remotely a passion of mine, and as soon as I am out of this class, I will never blog again. So, at risk of sounding like a “mirror-version of Jack Thompson” as you would call it, LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!!! WITH EXCLAMATIONS AND EVERYTHING.

  4. Hello, I noticed that you posted a message with interest about the study that I’m working on (an article on Examiner called “the aggression paradigm”

    Since it’s still in progress and I have nothing in terms of results yet, I’ll give you a brief description of what will happen.

    There is a lot of literature describing increases in aggression in gamers. In my particular study, I am going to see if it can be attributed to frustration. Thus, what I will do is I will engineer a means of creating failure within the test subjects to see if it causes frustration and an increase in aggression or hostility. The subjects play 2 games: one with high violent content, and one with no violent content. They will play each of these games in 3 stages. 1 for acclimation, 2 on the easiest difficulty, and 3 on the hardest difficulty. The purpose is to see the differences between the violent and nonviolent game on each, using high difficulty as a means of producing failure and frustration in the subjects.

  5. I run and would appreciate it if you could get in touch with me. I’m very interested in finding out more about how I can use Psychology to help understand and make games better and your site has already pointed me to some excellent resources.

  6. hey i am wondering could you please tell me some detailed findings of prysbylskis study on the motivating role of violence in video games??? on the questionare study

  7. I’m looking for publications and articles concerning Facebook, Online Self disclosure and social networking.
    Do you have anything to send me?
    Thanks a lot

  8. Hi there,

    Thanks for the link back to my site and the comments. And thanks for letting me know this site exists! I’ll subscribe to the RSS feed as soon as I’m done with this. Good luck!

  9. Hi,

    I love the work you’ve done. I want to reference some of things you have said in my disertation. Is it that possible? what would the reference be?

  10. Hello I really enjoyed your paper on violent video games. I am currently in a writing class and am writing a research paper on the effects of first shooter video games and I would like to ask you for a copy of your paper.
    Thank You very much for your time
    Sue Curry

  11. Wai Yen Tang,

    Do you happen to have a master reference list of all the scientific papers you’ve read that pertain to videogames? Either that or an archive of .pdfs?

    I’ve done some preliminary searches through Google Scholar and, to a lesser extent, PsycInfo. But, if you’ve already got a list, why reinvent the wheel?

    Much appreciated,

  12. Hi! Nice blog.
    I am wondering is there a cross-country study about how much time do people spend on online game or video game in different countries? do just have an idea.

    Thanks a lot!

  13. Great Blog you have there; I really enjoy reading it.

    I’m currently writing my diploma thesis on the link between video games, aggression and implicit self concepts and would like to ask if you could send me the article about the finnish longitudinal study from Wallenius & Punamäki (2008).

    I’d appreciate your help!


  14. Please, check this review about video games research:
    Ivory – 2013 – Video Games as a Multifaceted Medium: A Review of Quantitative Social Science Research on Video Games and a Typology of Video Game Research Approaches
    You can download it from:

  15. question: have you considered publishing any of this under a group like digital game studies? i had a communications professor last year who was into how games interacted with his field, and he published a book alongside them. you might get your stuff out to a wider audience, or something.

  16. hey, I’ve recently found your blog and I just want to thank you for the great articles & resources. I am planning to write my master thesis in psychology about video games and your site is a great place to start & find inspiration :)

  17. Good day. I am writing the Erasmus + project “computer game for moral education”. I need theoretical material about the benefits of moral education during the game. Specifically: I need some research that concludes that simulation games develop the moral values of children. Can you help me out, can you recommend articles with research results?

  18. This blog is definitely rather handy since I’m at the moment creating an internet floral website – although I am only starting out therefore it’s really fairly small, nothing like this site. Can link to a few of the posts here as they are quite. Thanks much. Zoey Olsen

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