The 2014 International Communication Association Annual Conference – Day -1

The International Communication Association holds annual meetings to gather communication scholars at some random good places where we can talk about our research, meet other scholars and commit our busy schedules to do the former two. I am a member of its special interest group, Games Studies and it is my first time attending that conference. Normally, we submit a paper so we can have a reason to be there, but I just went to critique all the research because of forgotten circumstances.

The conference was held on May 23-26 at Seattle, Washington. A preconference was held the day before, May 22. I came to the Games Studies’ preconference called “Beyond the Pixel”.

A professor asked me how am I going to be blogging the conference, I did not have a clear idea and said that I will make do with what I have or something along those lines. I’m blogging way after the conference, I am not very smart. The abstracts can be searched at the convention’s website.

The schedule:

10:15 AM – 11:30 AM: Beyond Mere Play

• Games as Adaptive Learning Tools an Effectiveness Study (Lead Author: Elena Núñez Castellar, Ghent University) WT: Why did I write Bananas or Candy?

 • Envisioning the Other a Grounded Exploration of Social Roles in Digital Game Play (Lead Author: Jasmiene Vervaeke, iMinds-MICT-Ghent University)

WT: She found that a player would give one of four social roles to another: Co-player, Witness, Tool and Companion. I wonder if there were some personality traits that predict assigning social roles. Also consider trolls and griefers.

• Psychosocial Causes and Consequences of Increased Online Video Game Engagement (Lead Author: Rachel Kowert, University of Münster)

WT: Mentioned Social Compensation & Social Displacement hypotheses among different age groups. The adult group were getting more problems than benefits from gaming, although I pointed out that it is possible that adults may be facing adult circumstances, like stressful job life. Wrote “Find The Office episode that had Call of Duty”.

1:00 PM-1:15 PM: User Experience and Beyond

• The Winner Takes it All The Effect of In-Game Success on Mood-Repair (Lead Author: Tim Wulf, University of Cologne)

WT: Diana Rieger was the presenter, as I recall I asked about failure, persistence and Flappy Bird in that talk and in other sessions that she was present in. Wrote “Is it the end-state or the process towards the end-state that matters”. Also we should consider endless-games like Flappy Bird. How do players define/feel success when the game can only ends in failure?

• Gamers A Study of Emotions and Moods (Lead Author: Alexander Jenkins, Drexel University)

• Games, drugs and the user experience (Lead Author: Michelle C. Carras, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health)

WT: Three presenters that offered a multidisciplinary perspective, especially from a public health perspective. Made me want to step back about videogame addiction and ponder for a while.

1:15 PM – 2:30 PM: Looking Beyond the Interface

• Effects of stereoscopic presentation and natural user interfaces on game performance and user (Lead Author: Daniel Pietschmann, Chemnitz University of Technology)

• Immersive Witnessing in Half the Sky Movement (Sarah Evans, Syracuse University)

• The League of Legends Tribunal as Massively Multiplayer Online Dispute Resolution (Thomas H. Rousse, Northwestern University)


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