What Do Quack Studies on Violent Video Games Say? (The Young Turks, 2013)

This is what happens when academic studies are not open access.

The video links to columns from Tommy Christopher at mediaite [1][2]. Go ahead read these columns. In mediaite, Tommy Christopher examined this oft-cited 2001 study and I thought it was Anderson & Bushman (2001), but it turns out to be some open access paper written by David Bond (University of South Florida) in 2011 who happened to have a similar title to Anderson & Bushman (2001). I am upset that someone got the source wrong and went along without checking. In addition, a proper citation to the original sources (i.e. Ferguson & Kilburn, 2010) would have been great. For example, Christopher mentioned a review of 130 articles which was actually from Anderson et al. (2010) and not from the old 2001 article. Ferguson & Kilburn criticized the Anderson et al. 2010 article, so it would be have been great if these two were brought up.


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