App Games are ruining Jenna Marbles’ Life (Marbles, 2012)

*Explicit language warning*

Jenna Marbles’  prolonged distraction with app games is something I can nearly relate when I tried out Cityville for a currently running study. The way these games tried to monetize the freemium model by constant annoyance for my wallet and her draining willpower is something that Baumeister’s strength model of self-control can relate (Jamie Madigan actually has an article in Edge on that subject). I believe there are several studies in the marketing literature that provides insight into it. But I gather that the way it works with these freemium games is that a person will reach a limit point where frustration and exhaustion from both trying to relax, checking  constantly (probably due to the Zeigarnik Effect in my case), and the act of playing (I’m actually looking into that) tires one’s self-control into giving money so that they can enjoy some more.

Jamie Madigan has posted the psychological sins of social videogames that is of great interest.

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