The Videogame industry in Canada

An infographic by Techvibes Media (found in reddit).

Now, if only I could count the number of video game social scientists, apart from people I remember: Paul Adachi (Brock University), Bart Simon (Concordia University; sociologist), Robert Biddle and colleagues at Carleton University, Amanda Bolton (somewhere in the Atlantic provinces) and some people from the West Coast that I met at a CPA conference. But there are so few who are doing media effects research in Canada, let alone in Quebec. I sense a lot of insight and dynamism that we can gain from Quebec in terms of mass media and cross-cultural research. More importantly, add a Canadian perspective to this line of research. I heard from the Americans, Australians, English, and the rarely heard Canadian voice aside from Paul Adachi.  There’s a whole of stuff I’m learning in the Communication field that I would love to pass around in Canada.


4 thoughts on “The Videogame industry in Canada

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