Duke Nukem Forever in The Morning Show (Australia, 2011)

Duke Nukem Forever has been in development hell for over 14 years, according to wikipedia, and  I ignored the occasional news of its impending release over the years. I simply lost interest and now several news outlets (Fox News) going nuts because of a misogynistic feature. Duke Nukem gets to slap a woman’s butt if she gets distressed on being carried around by him in ‘capture the flag’ mode, which they call it ‘capture the babe’.

Here’s a video that came up with interviews with various guests that at least was constructive discussion.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I certainly agree that objectification of women is a negative influence where men are more likely to treat women harshly than those who were not exposed (see Dill et al., 2008). However, this does not mean that anyone who plays the game would have a harsher attitude towards women and I certainly don’t want a ban because I want to know how these misogynistic acts fare up to the gamer population. First, you’d have to consider who wants to buy and play the game, and if it’s worth the boys’ (man-child or not) time in comparison to other more worthy titles (I think Call of Duty: Black Ops is the current blockbuster) or are they still attracted to sex and misogyny (hope they grow up). Furthermore, this would be very useful in uses-and-gratification research to find out whether a person’s entertainment choices in regards to depictions of women in media is  dynamically correlated with their attitudes towards women along with trait factors (i.e. whether the person grew up in sexist environment, etc.) Second, what the critics, reviewers and opinion leaders (I’m thinking of comics and Yatzee of Zero Punctuation) will say about its game play and literary worth which can influence the boys’ playing decisions and by extension the game’s sales. Third, will Duke Nukem and his long past action style be able to compete with today’s action sequences? It might be worthy as a satire of past action movies and games, but I hardly would think that it would revolutionize the FPS genre, especially after over a decade of development. Finally and boringly, it’s marketed towards adults and if they’ve been watching television for a good while , then I am pretty sure they recognize the old pop references, styles and the satirical messages Duke Nukem Forever is conveying. As for teenagers, I do certainly hope they recognize the over the top one-dimensional character that he is, the ridiculous setting and hopefully read what the adults has to say about it.


3 thoughts on “Duke Nukem Forever in The Morning Show (Australia, 2011)

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