There IS a psychology lab in Canada that does research in videogame violence

An article from The Standard of Saint Catharines, Ontario, featured a Ph.D student at Brock University doing research into violent videogames. It dropped in my inbox and I am very miffed that there was a program in CANADA that I could’ve applied to. If I was offered admission there, I would’ve accepted in a heartbeat and my situation would’ve been different, dare I say better financially since I could get SSHRC funding.  I swear that Brock University was one of the potential candidate schools, I contacted one of the professors who did not reply and that prompted me to think that videogames was not in her area of interest. Well, I’m pissed!

Anyways, the article spoke of Paul Adachi, a doctoral student, and his project how he teased out the violence effect on several factors, such as competitiveness, violent content, level of difficulty and pace of action. He selected carefully two games that were similar on those factors with the exception of violent content. What the newspaper stated is that he found that both videogames elicited the same level of aggressive behaviours. It reads that he will conduct more study to play around with those factors. And I will try to contact them (i.e. that lab) and get some information out of them. Man, I’m pissed.

Am I happy at OSU? I’m leaning towards no on the basis of their quarter system and the city itself since I have Montrealer standards. But the people here are awesome.


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