Recorder Hero (Joy Tunes, 2010)

Tsukasa Hiiragi (Lucky Star) playing her recorder

Some PR sent me an email about an educational videogame called Joy Tunes, or as I begin to see as, Recorder Hero. Of course, the press release attached with the email says that the recorder is just the first in series. Looks interesting and given that I started my life as a grad student. I decided to write the post first and send a reply later because they’re offering 20% off for the readers of this puny insignificant and sorry excuse of a blog.

What? I only get a three digit daily hit count and most of it from random encounters.

Some quotes:

JoyTunes was recently announced the winner of this fall’s prestigious Parents’ Choice Award for Software. According to one Parents’ Choice review, “We were impressed by how much and how well the game encouraged our testers to practice, and by how much they learned… steady practice with the program’s fundamentals may bring much-welcomed harmony to your family room.”

JoyTunes was also selected by MassChallenge from among of a global list of candidates as a Top 100 finalist for the Most Innovative Startup of 2010. On October 15, a prestigious panel of judges will select the winner. If JoyTunes wins, they will receive a $50,000 to $100,000 award to help develop this novel approach to musical education.

Oh! I wish I have that money since I an unfunded graduate student. Yes, I like to repeat myself because I’m already a jaded academic with a negative life value (conceptualize it! – that’s what my methods teacher would say).



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