Much ado about talking: a radio interview with Dr.Christopher Ferguson

Via Grow up Australia, Dr. Christopher Ferguson (Texas A & M University) was interviewed a few days ago by an Australian Radio station on the issue of violent video games, including the recent meta-analysis by Dr. Craig Anderson (Iowa State University) and company. Violent media and internet censorship in Australia are such contentious issues that Anonymous made its move with operation titstorm and one of my post was referenced in an Australian website’s comment section.

The first part is mostly about Ferguson’s entry into the video game violence issue:

Here’s part 2 which is about Anderson’s meta-analysis:

On a quiet note, I have been recommended for graduate admission at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. There was no email, just an update on my application status page, which I nearly forgot.


2 thoughts on “Much ado about talking: a radio interview with Dr.Christopher Ferguson

  1. My name is J.J. De Simone, and I’m a first-year Ph.D. student in the J-School at UW-Madison. I’ve actually been following your blog for about 8 months or so, as my research interests also lie in video games (pro-social effects, positive implications, etc.).

    Obviously, this is very exciting to hear someone else interested in video game effects might be coming to the J-School. E-mail me at and we can chat about the program, your research, and my current project with my adviser Karyn Riddle (who I saw you wanted to work with in a post of yours a few months back).

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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