The Psych Files podcast’s on violent video games

I stumbled on the Psych Files podcast who evaluated two recent research studies on violent video games. One of which is a study that I blogged some time ago. It’s pretty much what you’d expect from a psych lecture: powerpoints, more powerpoints and a talking head that blocks parts of a text. It’s a short 28 minute lecture. It’s like a video version of my blogposts, except none of the lapses of professionalism. I preferred doing a puppet show on video game research.

Buy it

And now for something completely different: The Manga Guide to Statistics from No Starch Press. I saw this book online and bought it. It’s absolutely the beginner’s guide to statistics, and its approach to statistics is very gentle for those afraid of the mathematics (i.e. me). It covers the first few chapters of any intro to stats book, such as sampling, average, standard deviation, hypothesis testing, correlation coefficient, etc. I recommend this book because it’s entertaining, educational and a light refresher for someone like me. I already got a grad student interested in buying this book and he intends to show it to his class.


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