The Psychology of Video Games blog (Madigan, 2009)

I haven’t had time to write anything or actually do anything since I started working at a new coffeeshop kiosk, which is in the middle of an airport’s international departure area. We’re in a constant rush from afternoon well into the evening.

I stumbled upon a blog on the psychology of video games, it’s written by Jamie Madigan who has a Ph.D in organizational psychology (University of Missouri St. Louis). Finally, someone with an interest on video games and with more knowledge on psychology.

He just started his blog a few days ago, the few blog posts were quite interesting for gamers and (IMO) stemmed from his gaming observations. For example, he relates the hot hand fallacy with the killstreaks in Modern Warfare 2. Will his blog achieve a degree of success or will it just fill a small niche like my blog here?

His blog:

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