A flash game with a thought provoking “gray” message

Game_Gray_intuitiongamesFor almost a year, I’ve spent much of my gaming time at Kongregate that I questioned, for a little while, my identity as a gamer. Perhaps I’m not a gamer anymore in the eyes of other gamers or perhaps I’m a different type of gamer.

Today, a game called “Gray” caught my attention when I felt like going for a little run on Canabalt. The game is at first confusing, all I could do is follow the game’s instructions and converted “white” rioters into “black” rioters. But then, my character suddenly seem to convert himself from black to white and I continued the process of converting rioters to “my” side,  which is how I interpret it as such.

I will stop at this point, I’ve given enough spoilers.  I recommend playing this game and when it ends I am sure that it leaves a thought provoking message about an age-old human problem. You can visit their forums and read what others think about this game’s message. This may seem like a viable research project in the future.

The link to this game is here. This game is developed by Intuition Games.


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