List of possible graduate schools

After weeks scouring the internet, my quest for potential graduate advisors is nearly complete. So far, I’ve found six potential grad schools out of a planned seven and I will present these six in no particular order. I added cryptic comments pertaining to each grad schools, it’s as cryptic and fun as figuring out the advisors’ middle name.

  • University of Connecticut: Communications department, Kristine Nowak (Kirstie Cope-Farrar), the technical side of video games, presence, would be playing around with the uncanny valley, moe anthropomorphism,
  • Iowa State University: psychology department, Douglas A. Gentile (Craig A. Anderson), Shibuya-sensei and Sakamoto-sensei, Jamie Ostrov, longitudinal studies, Katawa Shoujo, H-games, Promoting Positive Videogaming (PPVG), reflexive games,
  • Michigan State University: Communications department, John L. Sherry, Ron Tamborini, many faculty members are studying video games, Katawa Shoujo, Gundam, Avatars, Multiplayer FPS longitudinal project, character attachment and likability (tap Jason Rockwood), content analysis,
  • University of Massachusetts-Amherst: Communications department, Erica Scharrer, Comstock, may safely study bishounens and bishoujos, psych department has eye-tracking equipment, media literacy, Stereotype threats, internet television,
  • The Ohio State University: Communications department, Chad Mahood (Amy Nathanson, David Ewoldsen, Emily Moyer-Guise, Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick), genres of violence, mediation factors and other faculty members are studying parental mediation, Ohayocon, must tap Matthew Eastin, Multiplayer FPS longitudinal project, emergent vs. non-emergent narration,
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison: Journalism and mass communication, Karyn Riddle, worked on cultivation theory, Katawa Shoujo, media socialization, video game culture and participatory culture, Constance Steinkuehler, memes on a personal level, Serious Sam vs. Shadow of the Colossus, internet television,
  • The seventh school has yet to be found. Suggestions will be appreciated.

Update (21/07/09):  I’ve hit some snags, some universities don’t accept applicants who has a three-year bachelor degrees. Coming from Quebec, I am seriously ticked off that they don’t consider it comparable to American standards. They’ve should look at our situation (mostly political), us Quebec graduates, that we in-province residents, MUST attend pre-university CEGEP (a sort of community college) before going into university. Due to this fact, we get a year off, if we don’t get that year discount, then it means we have an extra year of schooling than the Americans do. Going into rant, most first-year students, here or in the U.S. take classes from different kinds of discipline in order to determine their major, well in CEGEP, that’s what we do (and cheaply by comparison to a university). First-years (in the U.S.) take introductory classes for whatever their major subject is, that’s the same in CEGEP. The teachers in CEGEPs are taught by individuals who hold either a Master’s or a PhD! Must I go on?


3 thoughts on “List of possible graduate schools

    • I’ve already considered this and other similar labs, unfortunately their research interests goes into the virtual reality realm rather than the media effects and video game specific realm.

      Some of the researchers, like Nick Yee, had explored MMOs in the past, but judging from his current publications, it’s more on presence than video games.

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