Correlation between academic performance and video game play in children (Jackson et al., conference paper)

Too busy, will write a few words then gone. Via google alert, sciencecodex reported a conference paper presented by Dr. Linda A. Jackson of Michigan State University. Her research team has found a negative significant correlation between video game and academic performance in children (more time on video games equals worse academic performance, to put it simply, but crudely). However, certain areas of academic performance were not found to have a significant relationship (math skills) or has a positive relationship (visual-spatial skills).  It should be noted that Jackson presented her study in a conference (International Association for Development of the Information Society), so I don’t have any info as of yet and I prefer published research in a peer-review academic journal.

That is all. I’ve got 63 more to go.


9 thoughts on “Correlation between academic performance and video game play in children (Jackson et al., conference paper)

  1. hi there!
    im working right now a thesis about cyber games, its influences in academic performance of high school students..
    could you please help me find some related studies,,


  2. hello!

    please help!

    i need to finish my study before mid of may…

    like other young students, i love playing computer games…
    but is there any positive effect of these games…
    most of the articles and studies i have read are about the negative effects,there are some positive impact, and from my baby thesis results last january, cyber games had positive effects when it comes to their performance in school.

    need to study more…

  3. As you pointed out earlier, there’s not many studies that found positive effects of video games in the psychology literature, so do what you can with the studies you found and point out that fact in your thesis.

    By the way, I would like know more about your thesis and yourself.

  4. hey can you give me an answer in what is the effect of computer game in academic performance of students can you?! i’ll kill you if you don’t do it you researcher i’ll kill you with an heart attack you *****!.

  5. helo, i would like to ask you a favor, could you help me some information about my thesis, intitled, ‘online game; its influence to the academic performance among second year student. Hope that i could find. Thanks a lot

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