Some articles for video games & language learning blog (Tang, 2008)

I can’t help myself to help others and to drop everything what I’m supposed to do like getting my next article post ready. One of Barlett’s study is already published and I haven’t even started reading it. Sigh…

Anyways, my google alert e-mailed a link to a blog called “I married a communist” which is a psych professor’s blog and how she’s trying to start an interesting project. I poked a comment and she poked back, prompting exchanges and this lead me to the video games & language learning blog.

Now I’ve skimmed around the blog and had some idea of what they’re trying to accomplish, but I’m not into learning so forgive me if the articles I’m posting might or might not be useful. If you can’t get the articles, leave a comment with your e-mail and I’ll get back to you.

So I’ve done an abode Reader search under ‘language’ in my personal library and found some articles that are somewhat related to language learning. Although, the Chumbley & Griffiths (2008) was a bit of surprise that seems useful to the team.

So here’s what I found: Burgos et al. (2007), Consalvo (2005) Cheating Can Be Good For You: Educational Games and Multiple Play Styles. And finally  Ravenscroft (2007).


3 thoughts on “Some articles for video games & language learning blog (Tang, 2008)

  1. Great ideas — thanks for those links. BTW, you have a ton of great material on those site. I’ve just started reading the links in your social psychology category. Very interesting.

  2. Hello

    I’m a MA student at Damascus University, English department and I’m completing my degree in Linguistics.
    I find the topic of video games and learning really fascinating because I’ve always realized (and experienced) how powerful and effective they can be in the learning context.

    However, when I went thorough some of the existing literature I found, unfortunately, that little has been written about the potentials of commercial video games in connection with second language learning. Almost all of the literature deal with literacy or learning in general. And I think that we’re letting an area of research that holds promising results of SL learning to pass unnoticed.

    Thank you for providing the link to the video games and language learning blog. It’s always good to find other people to share your ideas with. But the blog is unupdated since 2008 and the their is no contact info. Do you have any information about the blog or about the contributors?

    • Hi there,

      The last I heard was they that gave up or went to a different direction. I was nominally involved and gave them some articles that may interest them, but that’s about it. I think that there was some articles on foreign language learning on some book chapters that I skimmed, but again linguistics isn’t my interest.

      But thanks for stopping by my blog.

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