The Psychology of Achievement as applied on video games (Shaw et al., 2008)

I am as tired and dazed as kana Minami.

I am as tired and dazed as Kana Minami.

On Septembre 11 was a day of mourning across the world. For me, it was a very busy and tiresome day as I received tons of alert e-mails on newly published articles (4 articles!) and a game news article from The Escapist who linked to gamecyte about researchers’ paper on the psychology of achievement as applied in video games. To further compound my stamina, I got pretty productive in my lab where I entered as much as a three days worth of data entry. In any case, I was really tired that it took several days to finally write this post.

I noticed that the paper was not formally submitted to an academic journal and would have been outside of my purview. But, the name Rene Weber struck as significant.

So I’ll just link the gamecyte article and the pdf file. No, I haven’t read the article and the gamecyte article seems lengthy for a good read.


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