Graduate school response #2

Now I’m truly fucked, I got my rejection letter from the psychology department at the University of Michigan. So it seems I won’t research video game effects on aggressive behaviours.

Now I only have one grad school left to hear from. Ryerson University, my last backup grad school left. If you’re reading this and you’re a professional in the video game industry, journalism, advocacy group or anything related. If you’re looking for someone to hire in Montreal or somewhere “close-by”, I will graduating with a BA in psychology with extensive knowledge of video game research, I have good writing skills, excellent analytical skills, intensely hard-working on any tasks at hand, mellowed during stressful or boring times and a penchant for organization.

If you like what you read in this blog and would like to know more on video game psychological research. Please give me a sign of support (financially or sending recent journal articles to me or leaving a comment in the knowledge that someone is listening)


One thought on “Graduate school response #2

  1. Well, if you don’t get into graduate school this year and your goal is graduate school then you should certainly reapply next year. Did you consider the University of Illinois? Art Kramer does video game research with older adults, the research is definitely psychological.

    In the meantime, it would be worthwhile to still be involved in research or get some kind of industry job as your blog indicates. Do you want to go to that Ryerson U school? If so and you get it that is great, if not then it might be worthwhile to wait. There is not age limit on entering graduate and you might benefit from some time off. Unless of course, you already had some time off and are anxious to jump back into the graduate school loop.

    Current Graduate Student.

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