Graduate school response #1

Approximately one month ago, I sent my graduate application to the University of Michigan’s communication studies in the hopes of the studying the psychology of video games. On February 19, 2008, I receive their response:

The Ph.D. Program in Mass Communication at the University of Michigan receives many more applications than the number of positions available.  I regret we must inform you that you have not been recommended for admission to the program for the Fall of 2007. 

We had a large pool of qualified applicants this year. Due to the program’s limited size, able students often fail to gain admission because others, whose plans of study or aptitudes are more suited to the program, have applied.

We wish you success in your academic plans and appreciate the interest you expressed in doing advanced work here.

With this rejection letter, it might the mean the path in academia might not be open for me for a good while or closed for good. I say this because I also applied to the University of Michigan’s psychology department as well, it is also tougher than communication studies to get into.

As of now, I am waiting for two more responses from grad schools I applied to. I could have applied to 4 more grad schools, but many of the professors I contacted either had a full complement of grad students or their institutions don’t have a graduate program.

To anyone, gamer, journalist or anyone,  what can an avid and knowledgeable gamer with a B.A. in psychology can do in life and in a career?

Most importantly for this blog, will my soon-to-be-lost university library connection and soon-to-be arrested academic development render this blog useless in the coming months?


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