Video game use and academic performance (Anand, 2007)

Among gamers and public, there are differing opinions about video games and how it affects children’s academic performance. Most gamers say it has a positive or no effect on their academic performance, most parents and teachers I heard state the opposite. As for academia, well this article isn’t the first to look at video game use and academic performance. There are certainly others, but this was in my personal library.


This study analyzes the correlation between video game usage and academic performance. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and grade-point average (GPA) scores were used to gauge academic performance. The amount of time a student spends playing video games has a negative correlation with students’ GPA and SAT scores. As video game usage increases, GPA and SAT scores decrease. A chi-squared analysis found a p value for video game usage and GPA was greater than a 95% confidence level (0.005 < p < 0.01). This finding suggests that dependence exists. SAT score and video game usage also returned a p value that was significant (0.01 < p < 0.05). Chi-squared results were not significant when comparing time spent studying and an individual’s SAT score. This research suggests that video games may have a detrimental effect on an individual’s GPA and possibly on SAT scores. Although these results show statistical dependence, proving cause and effect remains difficult, since SAT scores represent a single test on a given day. The effects of video games maybe be cumulative; however, drawing a conclusion is difficult because SAT scores represent a measure of general knowledge. GPA versus video games is more reliable because both involve a continuous measurement of engaged activity and performance. The connection remains difficult because of the complex nature of student life and academic performance. Also, video game usage may simply be a function of specific personality types and characteristics.

From the abstract, Anand suggest that it’s not a simple effect to measure. I’ll read it as soon as someone express interest, so please leave a comment.

Anand, V. (2007). A study of time management: The correlation between video game usage and academic performance markers. CyberPsychology & Behavior, 10(4), 552-559.


19 thoughts on “Video game use and academic performance (Anand, 2007)

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  2. this is ridiculous lmfao! u could obviously never relate it to a SAT so it was stupid to experiment in the first place. they shouldve checked homework grades mostly and gpa from the start. school is a personal choice not whether u play video games. retards i swear.

    • welll technically if u look at it, the more u play video games the less time u hav to study. so it does hav a relationship

  3. Hi! I am from Philippines and I am interested in your study, actually you’ve given me an idea also about my research topic. can you give me a copy of this reseach? thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

      • Did you have already a copy of this study?Can you share it with me, I need the instrument use to this study. I have only given 1 week to complete my proposal. I’m currently working on the instrument. Please!

  4. Hi guys, i am on study right now about this topic. I dont mind please send me a copy of your research. I would be a great help for my study if you send this copy… Thanks God speed

  5. Hi! I am on study right now about this topic. Please send me a copy of your research. It would be a great help for my study if you send this copy. Thanks… God bless

  6. Yeah agreed. That SAT and p points really does connect. Talking about 0.01 < p < 0.05 really makes sense….


  7. hi everyone, im john from Philippines. Particularly in Davao city. i would like to ask you guys if do you have a research about this topic… may i ask for your research copy for this?, if it is okay to you…just send it at thank you so much..


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  9. Hi guys, i am on study right now about this topic. I dont mind please send me a copy of your research. I would be a great help for my study if you send this copy… Thanks

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