Law and Order: Special Victims Unit: Avatar

You know what? I should have taped the episode so I could remember and tease it apart. So someone please post and/or send the episode online or to me.

Anyways, the game graphics are pretty crappy and much like any other shows that deals with video games, like that episode in CSI:Miami in relation to GTA. or that other episode in Law and Order that also deals with a GTA lookalike. But I guess the point in the stories is that graphics has no direct relation to criminality.

The police detectives arrested three possible suspects: a guy who reads and fantasizes a lot on execution of the middle ages, a stereotypical geek/otaku and of course the real killer whom I somehow recognize him from other shows and immediately knew he was the real perpetrator.

Let’s start with the guy with the execution fetish, in his virtual avatar he dressed up as like an executioner seen in films about the middle ages and has read a lot books on it too, but if we look at his behaviours and demeanor. It shows that books and the virtual life fantasies doesn’t make him a killer or psychopath. Indeed, the police detectives had an immediate bias towards him because of the books read and of his virtual avatar. But this doesn’t hold very much in police investigation and objective evidence. So the point here is that virtual media isn’t isolated or independent from anything, it is pretty much interdependent with other media like books and such media isn’t going to make anyone psychopathic.

The stereotpical geek/otaku: pretty much describes and perhaps is representative of the meek demeanor and harmlessness of the geeks. Again, it shows to the audience that geeks and perhaps computer addicts aren’t that violent or psychopathic.

The real killer: the point of this character showed that the virtual reality is merely a medium and not even the cause of his murderous actions. Why? Because he still have that picture of his first victim, he is still obsessive of his fantasies to the point where he recreated his moments, like recreating his forest cabin in a real location and (straight to the point) he’s already a psychopath.

Some might argue that the virtual reality triggered his psychopathy, I could counter-argue that the chances of that are the same in real life. He simply had a chance encounter with someone who looks like his first victim and went psychopathic. About his recreations in virtual life, has anyone seen that CSI episode where that women recreated miniatures of her murders? Again, its not the medium’s fault, it’s the person’s intent and abnormal fantasies.

Well there are other elements that I can talk about, but my mind just went blank.

Other assanine comments:

  • I like how the players told the detectives that it doesn’t hurt anyone.
  • Somehow when some characters said: “Second chance…”, it caused a type of reaction within me, perhaps it the allusions I made allusions to Second Life.
  • I like the artistical connection between books and virtual reality: they both have common element: fantasy I think, but also the historical stigma these media went through.
  • The annoyingly witty comments and one-liners related to virtual reality, “he’s off the line… or something like.”
  • going to Montreal, it’s my city!
  • The owner of the virtual game being seen as a normal person and not someone eccentric.
  • The police detectives initial reactions upon learning what the virtual game is about. something that would reflect the public’s opinion about virtual games.
  • The theme of the episode being that no matter what is being used or what is the cause, there’s always an old, underlying and fundamental element. That is something evolutionists might say a few words.
  • Me being an idiot for not taping the episode.

2 thoughts on “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit: Avatar

  1. I know this post is over a year old, but I’m watching this episode right now and was looking for discussions about it online. I agree with a lot of what you’ve said, but the defensiveness about the representation of the graphics in the video game hurts your argument. The graphics in Another World on SVU looks exactly the same as the way Second Life plays on my computer.

  2. It seems Lisa Hager’s class is doing an assignment on my response on the SVU episode with the Second Life lookalike.

    Frankly to the students, go look somewhere else I mean my blog barely registers 40 daily visits, I’m sure out there, there’s forums or 4chan that has in depth discussion of that episode if you search correctly.

    Anyways, I expect good papers or whatever you’re suppose to be doing from you and maybe I’ll have the time to critique your paper, if you posted online or what not. ENGL 1011, Freshman Composition? WTH is with “freshman”, sounds like “freshmeat”.

    And I’m interested why the professor is interested in this episode rather than the CSI: New York episode.

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