Due to pressures from many fronts (school, GRE, grad school applications, honours thesis, lab works, anxieties and stresses related to those mentioned and lack of time), I have accumulated a huge backlog of interesting journal articles on video games. so I’m least likely to be writing on a paper unless it’s necessary or it shows up in

List of research that I want to write about that have appeared in gaming news:

  1. Playing video games can reduce your GPA says an economist.
  2. M-rated video games are best-sellers and critically-acclaimed.
  3. When a virtual viral epidemic is out of control, what would a population of gamers react?
  4. Columbine shooters should have kept playing their video games and not be unexpectedly deprived of it.
  5. Racism in a zombie-themed video game or simply a change of scenery from America to Africa?
  6. Relation of adolescent video game play to time spent in other activities.
  7. Factors correlated with violent video game use by adolescent boys and girls, where teenagers play m-rated games anyways, liked it and with friends.
  8. China and other Asian countries want you to play your true gender in your online game.
  9. Virtual drunk driving.

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